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Beautiful Wood Kitchen Cabinets

As you embark on your kitchen renovation (or new build) you might be thinking that custom cabinets are an extravagance. At Tree Fever Designs, we would like to change your mind on this point.

Are our kitchen cabinets made to your specifications? YES. Does that mean they have to be super-expensive? NO.

You can absolutely build a beautiful kitchen around our quality custom cabinets for a surprisingly affordable price. We invite you to shop around before you meet with us, then bring us your ideas, your sketches, your favourite photos. We’ll help you design your dream kitchen and make it right for you. Visit our Kitchen Cabinet Gallery to see some of our previous work or keep reading to see how easy getting new cabinets can be.

5 Steps to a new kitchen.

Buying a new kitchen can seem like a monumental, overwhelming task, but no have no fear, we make it very easy. Through our years of experience we’ve honed our process down to 5 easy steps and we’re with you each step of the way. For more details on how the process works, please visit Our Process page.

Step 1

Do some online research and find pictures online of kitchen styles, layouts and features you like.

Step 2

Call us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs on the phone.

Step 3

We’ll create an estimate based on the conversations had in our preliminary meeting.

Step 4

With a deposit made, we will come to your home and take final measurements.

Step 5

We’ll set up an install date that works for you. On that date, we’ll arrive and install your new kitchen.

What’s your Kitchen Style?

Get started on your kitchen dreams by searching up these different kitchen styles on Google:

  • Country: Farmhouse/rustic design
  • Contemporary: Clean, simple lines
  • Traditional: Usually features raised panel doors, often made of wood throughout
  • Modern (or ultra-modern): Combines materials including woods, laminates, glass and metal
  • Rustic: Typically features a warm décor and significant presence of wood materials, including wooden beams and floors
  • Transitional: Mixes and matches elements of traditional and contemporary design for an inviting ambiance
Did you know our Shaker style cabinets made of eastern maple and birch plywood are price-competitive with MDF products, AND, they are far more solid and durable.

Did you know our Shaker style cabinets made of eastern maple and birch plywood are cost-competitive with MDF products? And they are far more solid and durable. Features like soft-closing drawers and doors, 5/8”-thick natural birch plywood cases, and dovetail drawer boxes are standard in our kitchens.

For efficiency’s sake, about 80-90% of your kitchen cabinets and drawers will be standard sizes, and the rest will be customized to fit your exact space and wishes. Want a built-in wine rack? A pull-out Fly Moon instead of a lazy Susan for a corner cabinet? A pot hanging-rack pullout inside a cabinet? Whatever you can think of, we can create it for you.

Tree Fever Designs offers a huge variety of materials, colours, products, and accessories for you to select from. We are pleased to offer an unlimited choice from a variety of door/drawer styles. You can choose what kind of wood, colours, finishing techniques and accents you want.

We also offer painted MDF, acrylic, and Tafisa® decorative panels for kitchens, and slab doors made of HPL (high-pressure laminate) or recycled panels. These materials are recommended for vanities, laundry rooms and mudrooms. We will work with you to make you the best custom kitchen possible within the budget you’ve got – and we’ll be on time.

You can work with us at any level:

  • Design to Installation Just as it sounds, we can design, build, and install your new kitchen cabinets
  • Design and Build We design and build your cupboards, but you (or a contractor) install them
  • Supply Only You bring us a design and we build your cabinets to those specifications

It’s up to you – we’re very responsive to your needs and ideas. After all, it’s your project and your investment.

Cabinet doors – one of the most important elements

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are not only are functional, they also help create and affect the atmosphere of your space, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or even a laundry room. We call this the “door factor.” Let’s take a look at some different kitchen cabinet styles:

Beadboard Shaker
Raised Panel

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Just as Shaker furniture is the foundation of North American furniture, so too are Shaker style cabinets the foundation of many a kitchen.

While kitchen trends are constantly evolving, the Shaker style kitchen is timeless and trend-proof, yet it’s also adaptable to fit within many design concepts:

  • Country kitchen Farmhouse/rustic design
  • Contemporary kitchen Clean, simple lines
  • Traditional kitchen Usually features raised panel doors, often made of wood throughout
  • Modern (or even ultra-modern) kitchen Combines materials including woods, laminates, glass and metal
  • Rustic kitchen Typically features a warm décor and significant presence of wood materials, including wooden beams and floors
  • Transitional kitchen Mixes and matches elements of traditional and contemporary design for an inviting ambiance

Shaker cabinets are extremely popular due to their affordability, customizability, versatility, and ease of care and cleaning. The Shaker style is defined by a minimal use of materials and a five-piece door or drawer front with flat, recessed panels, moderate proportions, straight lines, and squared edges.

The basic look is elegant, clean, and uncluttered, yet there are many ways to personalize it: the edges can be beveled or beaded, or they can be wider or patterned. Centre panels can be beadboard or glass, and much more.

Beadboard Style Cabinet Doors (Shaker)

Beadboard style cabinet doors are a variation of the Shaker style, containing a beadboard insert (usually made of wood, this can also be painted MDF). This door style is most popular in a farmhouse or rustic kitchen with apron sinks.

Mullion Style Cabinet Doors

Mullion style cabinet doors have a four-piece outer frame and glass panels with delicate horizontal and vertical cross-bars creating an effect like a French door. The rectangles formed by the cross-bars are referred to as “lites” or “sections.” A door with one large glass section is referred to as an “open frame,” while one with six sections is called a “six-lite.” The mullion style cabinet door is typically used for upper cabinets where the base cabinets have the same door factor – for example, glass mullion Shaker doors above and all-wood Shaker doors below. Mullion style cabinets are usually found in traditional and Shaker style kitchens.

Slab Style Cabinet Doors

Slab (or flat-panel) style cabinet doors have no frame. They are sleek, flat, one-piece doors with a modern, clean, and smooth look, and can be built from a variety of materials including wood veneer and MDF. Their simple, versatile style works well in contemporary/modern/Euro kitchens.

Raised Panel Style Cabinet Doors

Raised panel style cabinet doors feature an angular or rounded panel that “floats” in the centre of the door frame, adding texture, depth and character. This style is most often found in a traditional kitchen.

When it comes to cabinet doors, your options are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of whether you know exactly what you want or are overwhelmed by choice, we can help. Contact us to help you move forward in your dream kitchen.

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