Wooden Furniture

These days, not many things are built to last.
Our furniture will.

Our conversation-piece furniture will last a lifetime. Our specialty is solid wood furniture with a style that evokes the spirit of Canada’s mountains and Pacific coast. Whether you prefer a rustic, reclaimed, or smooth effect, our furniture will complement any décor. And yes, we customize any piece to your preference. You can also download (and share!) our catalogue for full pictures and options. Our furniture lines include:


Regular beds, bunk beds, dressers, 12-drawer mulechests, chests, highboys, and nightstands.

Living Room Furniture

End tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, entertainment centres, barn doors, fireplace mantels, feature walls.

Dining Room Furniture

Buffets, hutches, tables, chairs, wine bars.

Hallway & Accent Furniture

Benches, tables.

To craft our furniture, we use solid wood only (no particleboard/MDF), and source the highest quality wood available from reputable Canadian mills. A solid ¾” backing gives superior strength to our dressers, end tables, and hutches.

We are pleased to offer an essentially unlimited choice of solid colours, wipe-on stains, and finishing effect techniques. All of our pieces are custom stained and also receive multiple coats of a low-sheen conversion varnish.

Buying Custom Bedrooms & Furniture from Tree Fever Designs is Easy

Step 1

Choose your furniture line:

  • Timberframe
  • Kassel
  • Cottage Panel
  • Saratoga
  • Beachcomber
  • Rafters

Step 2

Choose your pieces:

  • Bed
    • Classic (req. matt. & box.)
    • Classic w/ Drawers (matt. only)
    • Condo-style (matt. only)
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands
  • Chests

Step 3

Choose your special effect:

  • Smooth
  • Reclaimed
  • Rustic

Step 4

The final step! Choose:

  • your colour
  • your hardware

Contact us to discuss how and where you can place a furniture order.

Hallmarks of Tree Fever Design’s Work

You’ll recognize the quality of our kitchen cabinets and furniture, thanks to these principles:

Our furniture is bench built. This means our furniture is not mass produced – it’s built at a work bench, using quality materials, with attention to detail and integrity. Hence the term “bench built”.

We got our start with wood turnings, then began to specialize in solid wood furniture. Our first furniture line was our Oak Mission line, followed by our Timberframe and Pioneer lines. Over the years, our styles have evolved along with changing décor trends.

Green production practices. We use lean manufacturing methods to minimize waste. Each piece is built to order – your order.

Customizable. Our furniture collections are highly personalizable, just like our cabinets. For example, we can alter sizing, add or remove drawers, or use different woods. Or we can completely customize a piece for you. Have a service corridor in your kitchen that would be a perfect place for a pantry? Looking for barstools, or a table and chairs, to match your cabinetry? Yes, we can customize that, too.

Blanket-wrapped shipping. From our workshop on Vancouver Island, we can ship throughout western Canada. Our furniture and cabinets are shipped blanket- or pad-wrapped. This reduces packaging materials and is the most environmentally sustainable method of shipping.

Choice of Woods and Effects. Through our trusted lumber suppliers, we can access a huge variety of woods for our standard and custom furniture lines. Some of the best woods for furniture are:

  • West Coast pine We often work with this high-quality and high-character wood, which can give a country-casual or rustic feel, along with a unique signature look, to each piece.
  • Western maple is a broadleaf maple with either a wavy or straight grain. It’s native to southwestern BC, including Vancouver Island. Ranging from light to dark reddish-brown in its natural state, it stains evenly and is wonderful for furniture.
  • Ambrosia maple or “ghost wood.” Ambrosia maple has an intriguing and lovely look thanks to the ambrosia beetle, which causes oblong tapered dark shapes/stains running with the grain and “tunnels” that appear to look like eyes for a lightly rustic decorative effect. Beautiful!
  • Knotty Alder We often call knotty alder “rustic alder.” This wood boasts irregular knots, small cracks, and a more dramatic grain than its clear cousin, but is also lovely to work with and stains beautifully.
  • Douglas Fir Douglas fir from the Pacific Northwest is one of the sturdiest and most densely grained woods available, popular for timberframe building, flooring, and window frames as well as cabinetry and furniture. When the bark is left on, it creates a beautiful effect in our live edge Douglas fir tables.
  • Vertical Grain Douglas Fir “Vertical grain” simply means the lumber has been sawn perpendicular to the growth rings of the tree. The wood is naturally a warm, pale yellow colour. It stains well and is stable and durable, with a very clean look.

Other woods we use for furniture include clear alder, hemlock, red and white oak, walnut, ash, birch, beech, cherry, hickory, red cedar, and more, including exotic woods. See Woods & Finishes to see our favourite woods.

Furniture Gallery

About our bedroom furniture and accessory lines

Our solid wood beds add comfort and panache to any bedroom. Our popular beds with drawers increase your storage space and do not require a box spring.

Beachcomber Line. We recommend pairing this line with the matching accessories. We offer a full suite of Beachcomber dressers, nightstands, and chests. Individual carving creates a unique driftwood look that adds texture and dimension to each piece. Nightstands and dressers have one-piece drawer fronts and tops that are flush to the frame/case. Add glazing to create more of a rich three-dimensional look. Available in pine only. Also available without carving.

We are delighted to introduce our brand-new Rafters Collection. Beds are available with or without drawers.

Our Dove Creek, Pioneer Living, and Coastal Collection built-to-order bedroom accessories are designed to complement all our bed designs.

Dove Creek. With metal accents and one-piece slab drawer fronts, this line of dressers, chests, armoires and nightstands pairs well with our Kassel and Cottage Panel beds. When made without the metal accents, this line also looks great with the Timberframe, Panel and Saratoga beds.

The pieces in both the Pioneer Living and the Coastal Collection lines are constructed with straight legs and available in maple or pine. The only difference is the drawer fronts:

Pioneer Living. Has five-piece door and drawer fronts

Coastal Collection. Has one-piece (slab) door and drawer fronts.

Three custom bed styles for big to small rooms. Our beds with drawers do not require a box spring.

Classic. Standard headboard and footboard. For mattress and box spring.

Classic with drawers. Standard headboard and footboard, two large drawers on either side with clearance for night stands. Mattress only (no box spring needed).

Condo. Great for smaller spaces. Standard headboard, low profile footboard/kickboard, two large drawers on either side with clearance for night stands. Mattress only (no box spring needed).

Timberframe Bed. This handsome bed with or without drawers is our most successful bed to this day. Available in pine or maple. Posts are solid 5×5’s in locally sourced pine. Choose matching bedroom accessories from our Pioneer Living, Coastal Collection, or Dove Creek (with or without metal) lines.

Timberframe Bunk Beds. These durable, handcrafted bunk beds are great for kids’ or guest rooms. Choose matching bedroom accessories from our Pioneer Living, Coastal Collection, or Dove Creek (with or without metal) lines.

Panel Beds feature classic tongue-and-groove construction with a low footboard.

Saratoga Bed. You can customize this beautiful bed with drawers if you like. Why not mix and match colours by having posts a darker colour than horizontal pieces? Choose matching bedroom accessories from our Pioneer Living, Coastal Collection, or Dove Creek (with or without metal) lines.

Kassel Bed. With a striking six-foot headboard and metal accents, this bed matches with our Dove Creek bedroom accessory collection. When made without the metal accents, it matches the Pioneer or Coastal bedroom accessory collections.

Cottage Panel. When made without metal decorative accent pieces, it matches the Pioneer or Coastal bedroom accessory collections. With the metal accents, it matches our Dove Creek bedroom accessory collections.

Three customized special effects for all furniture lines

Smooth: No saw marks, no edging. (Suggested for maple.)

Rustic: Tops are edged/hand-hewn with a drawknife; there are saw marks on legs and drawer fronts. If Pioneer or Coastal Collection, legs are edged. Some distressing. (Suggested for pine.)

NEW! Reclaimed: This is where rustic & smooth effects meet. These pieces have a new look and textured effect with features like knots, small cracks, grain variations, light markings, and pinholes. Some natural distressing. (Suggested for both pine and maple.)

Built-to-order furniture for every room in the house

Living rooms. Our end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, and entertainment centres are available in both Pioneer Living, with five-piece door and drawer fronts where applicable, and Coastal Collection, which has slab (one-piece) doors and drawer fronts.

Dining rooms. Our custom buffets, hutches, tables, and chairs are available in a striking range of styles and effects. For tables, choose among various sizes and designs like Mission, Pioneer, trestle and x-leg tables. We can add leaves or wings so you can change the size of your table as needed.

Hallways. Benches, tables.

Download our catalogue and visit us on Facebook to view our furniture lines, custom furniture and cabinets. *** NOTE FROM KRIS… ****

Tree Fever Designs has been building furniture for many years and we are one of only a handful of Canadian manufacturers who still offer custom furniture orders through retail locations.

We are proud to have our lines available through fine retailers like:

Throughout the years, you may have seen our furniture at:

  • Treehouse Interiors, Kelowna, BC
  • Standard Furniture, Victoria, BC
  • Yaletown Interiors, Coquitlam, BC
  • Castle Mountain Home Furnishings, Canmore, AB
  • Home Envy Furnishings, Edmonton, AB
  • La-Z-Boy, Edmonton, AB
  • Oaksmith, Saskatoon, SK
  • Interior World, Invermere, AB